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Dr. Kati Stoddard

Stoddard, Dr. Kati
Dr. Kati Stoddard
Instructional Associate Professor
322 PLPM
Undergraduate Education
2001-2005 B.S., Bioenvironmental Sciences, Texas A&M University
Graduate Education
2005-2007 M.S., Water Management and Hydrological Science, Texas A&M University
2009-2012 Ph.D., Environmental Science, University of North Texas
Courses Taught
BESC 201 Introduction to Bioenvironmental Sciences
BESC 403 Environmental Sampling and Monitoring

Recent Publications

Stoddard, K.I., Hodge, V, Maxey, G, Tiwan, C., Manzo, P., Huggett, D.B. “Investigating Research Gaps of Pharmaceutical

Take Back Events: an Analysis of Take Back Program Participants’ Socioeconomic, Demographic, and Geographic Characteristics and the Public Health Benefits of Take Back Programs.” Journal of Environmental Management. 59:871-884


Kelly, M., Stoddard, K.I., Allard, D. (2016) “Simultaneous Measurement of the Acceptance of the Theory of Evolution at

Regionally Distinct Colleges.” Journal of Academic Perspectives. 2016 (2).


Stoddard, K.I., and Huggett, D.B. (2015). “Wastewater Effluent Hydrocodone Concentrations as an Indicator of Drug

Disposal Program Success.” Bulletin of Environ. Contamination and Toxicology. 95 (2) 139-144


Stoddard, K.I and Huggett, D.B. (2014). “Early Life Stage (ELS) Toxicity of Sucralose to Fathead Minnows, Pimephales

Promelas.Bulletin of Environ. Contamination and Toxicology. 93 (4) 383-387.


Stoddard, D.B. Huggett. (2012). Pharmaceutical Take Back Programs: State of the Science and Future Research Needs. In

B.W. Brooks & D.B. Huggett (ed) Human Pharmaceuticals in the Environment.


Huggett, D.B. and K.I. Stoddard. (2011). “Effects of the artificial sweetener sucralose on Daphnia magna and Americamysis bahia survival, growth, and reproduction.Food and Chemical Toxicology. 49, 2575-2579.