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Dr. Young-Ki Jo

Jo, Dr. Young-Ki
Dr. Young-Ki Jo
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Turfgrass & Rice
118C LF Peterson
Undergraduate Education
B.S., Biology Education. Seoul National University, South Korea, 1996
Graduate Education
M.S., Entomology. Michigan State University, East Lansing, 2000
Ph.D., Plant Pathology. The Ohio State University, Columbus, 2005

Research Emphasis

The principal focus of my research and extension deals with the management of diseases associated with turfgrass, rice, and soybean. Studies have been conducted to develop molecular identification methods of causal pathogens and to improve cultural and chemical strategies to manage diseases in the field.

Field Research Reports

2008 Turfgrass Pathology Field Research Report_Texas A&M

2009 Turfgrass Pathology Field Research Report_Texas A&M

2010 Turfgrass Pathology Field Research Report_Texas A&M

2011 Turfgrass Pathology Field Research Report   Texas A&M

2012 Turfgrass Pathology Field Research Report  Texas A&M

Recent Publications

Tomaso-Peterson, M., Jo, Y., Vines, P., and Hoffmann, F. 2016. Curvularia malina sp. nov. incites a new disease of warm-season turfgrasses in the southeastern United States. Mycologia 108:915-924

Handiseni, M., Jo, Y., and Zhou, X. 2016. Screening brassicaceous plants as biofumigants for management of Rhizoctonia solani AG1-IA. Plant Disease 100:758-763

Jo, Y., Cromwell, W., Jeong, H., Thorkelson, J., Rho, J., and Shin, D. 2015. Use of silver nanoparticles for managing Gibberella fujikuroi on rice. Crop Protection 74:65-69

Handiseni, M., Jo, Y., Zhou, X. 2015. Integration of Brassica cover crop with host resistance and azoxystrobin for management of rice sheath blight. Plant Disease 99:883-885

Cromwell, W., Yang, J., Starr, J., and Jo, Y. 2014. Nematicidal effects of silver nanoparticles on root-knot nematode in bermudagrass. Journal of Nematology 46:261-266

Chang, S., Jo, Y., Chang, T., and Jung, G. 2014. Evidence for genetic similarity of vegetative compatibility groupings in Sclerotinia homoeocarpa. Plant Pathology Journal 30:384-396

Jo, Y., Cho, J., Tsai, T.-C., Staack, D., Kang, M., Roh, D., Cromwell, W., and Gross, D. A. 2014. non-thermal plasma seed treatment method for management of a seedborne fungal pathogen on rice seed. Crop Science 54:796-803

Koo, C., Malapi-Wight, M., Kim H., Cifci, O., Vaughn-Diaz, V., Ma, B., Kim, S., Abdel-Raziq, H., Ong, K., Jo, Y., Gross, D., Shim, W., and Han, A. 2013. Development of a real-time microchip PCR system for portable plant disease diagnosis. PLoS ONE 8:e82704

Tsai, T.-C., Cho, J., Mcintyre, K., Jo, Y., and Staack, D. 2012. Polymer film deposition on agar using a dielectric barrier discharge jet and its bacterial growth inhibition. Applied Physics Letters 101:074107

Smitley, D., Jo, Y., Hudson, I. 2011. Association of Ovavesicula popilliae (Microsporida: Ovavesiculidae) with winter mortality of larvae and reduced fecundity of female Japanese beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Environmental Entomology 40:589-596

Jo, Y., Kim, B., and Jung, G. 2009. Antifungal activity of silver ions and nanoparticles on phytopathogenic fungi. Plant Disease 93:1037-1043 (The top 12 most read paper in the journal with 696 times of download in 2012)

Koch, P., Grau, C., Jo, Y., and Jung, G. 2009. Thiophanate-methyl and propiconazole in vitro sensitivity of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa isolates collected from golf courses in Wisconsin and Massachusetts. Plant Disease 93:100-105

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Jo, Y., Chang, S., Beohm, M., and Jung, G. 2008. Rapid development of fungicide resistance by Sclerotinia homoeocarpa on turfgrass. Phytopathology 98:1297-1304

Jo, Y., Chang, S., Rees, J., and Jung, G. 2008. Reassessment of vegetative compatibility in Sclerotinia homoeocarpa using nitrate nonutilizing mutants. Phytopathology 98:108-114

Jo, Y., Barker, R., Pfender, W., Sim, S., Warnke S., and Jung, G. 2008. Comparative analysis of multiple disease resistance between ryegrass and cereal crops. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 117:531-543

Isakeit, T., and Jo, Y. 2008. Occurrence of telia of Phakopsora pachyrhizi on kudzu in Texas. Plant Disease 92:1369