David Edge


Independent Consultant/Contractor

Current Position: 

Senior Air Quality Consultant

Job duties: 

– Develop air permitting strategies for capital projects (primarily in oil & gas, midstream and refining sectors)
– Prepare air permit applications for submittal to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
– Provide on-going compliance assistance including rule interpretation, emissions inventory submittal, Title V report due diligence and preparing routine reports/notifications
– Perform due diligence for clients seeking to acquire new assets or conduct internal audits of existing assets
– Provide training and mentoring to staff less experienced in air quality regulatory requirements/issues


Clients depend on my experience and expertise to ensure they are complying with air quality regulatory requirements that apply to them. Companies hire a consultant because they have an expectation as an organization to comply with environmental requirements that are often complex and not always logical or intuitive from a business/operational perspective. As a consultant I’m able to help company representatives achieve their goal of operating a successful business while complying with regulatory requirements and protecting the environment.

Describe your educational history: 

Graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Bioenvironmental Sciences.

What advise would you give to the current Aggies interested in entering environmental industry? 

The environmental industry is very diverse. Identify what aspect of the industry interests you the most (air, remediation, water, etc) and pursue that route but always take opportunities to learn other aspects of the industry and other regulatory requirements. This adds to marketability early in your career and is essential as you move up into management at most environmental organizations whether it be industry, consulting or government.

If you were entering the environmental industry today, what area would you pursue? Why?

If entering the industry today I’d pursue job opportunities associated with alternative energy. Alternative energy is advancing rapidly but is still in the early stages of economic competitiveness. There will be tremendous advancement in technology and growth of alternative energy over the next 30 years and if I were beginning my career today I’d want to be part of it.

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