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Plant Pathology is the science of plant health, which includes: plant diseases, what causes plant diseases, the effects on the environment, and how to improve and manage plant health.

What can I do with that degree?

Undergraduates prepare for careers in:
•    Environmental consulting
•    Regulatory compliance
•    Environmental biotechnology
•    Environmental health and safety

Essentially, careers that protect and preserve the Earth and its resources.

Graduate students specialize in such areas as plant microbiology, genomics, disease management, microbial ecology, and molecular plant-microbe interactions.


All Undergraduate Degrees

We offer 3 undergraduate degrees with a wide range of career options

Bioenvironmental Sciences Degree

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graduate degree

Graduate Program

Offering a M.S. and Ph.D. customized to your desired focus

Important Contacts

Undergraduate Advisor:
Sam Murdock, Academic Advisor
Room LF 101 Peterson
(979) 845-2388

Graduate Advisor:
Dr. Mike Kolomiets, Professor
321C Peterson Building
(979) 458-4264

Associate Department Head for Academic Affiars:
Dr. Heather Wilkinson, Professor & ADH
118B LF Peterson Building
(979) 845-1491

Where we’re located

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