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Dr. Won-Bo Shim

Shim, Dr. Won-Bo
Dr. Won-Bo Shim
Professor & Associate Department Head for Academics, Plant Pathogenic Fungi & Mycotoxicology
202J LF Peterson
Graduate Education
Ph.D., Plant Pathology. Purdue University, 2000
Courses Taught
BESC 403 Sampling and Environmental Monitoring: The objectives of BESC 403 are for students to learn (1) the principles and techniques of environmental sampling for air, water, soil and hazardous wastes, and (2) EPA standard methods for environmental analyses using biological, chemical and instrumental techniques. Other topics that are presented include quality control and quality assurance, good laboratory practices, EPA methodology, and environmental data analysis.
BESC 484-900 and BESC 484-970: Field Experience: A supervised research/internship experience conducted in the area of the student’s specialization. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior classification or approval of instructor. A Writing-Intensive (3 cr.) supervised research/internship experience conducted in the area of the student’s specialization. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior classification or approval of instructor.

Research Interests

Fungal pathogens of cereal crops can cause devastating disruption to the global food supply, and the economic loss due to crop diseases can add up to billions of dollars annually worldwide.  The Shim lab at Texas A&M University focused on studying fungal pathogens of field crops, particularly Fusarium species. Notably, hazardous Fusarium mycotoxins pose a significant threat to global food safety and human health.  Crop losses as well as the regulatory, testing, and management costs associated with mycotoxins in the US tops $1 billion annually.

The Genus Fusarium has had a great negative impact on agriculture and food safety but also presents a great opportunity for answering many fundamental questions. We are pursuing new discoveries that will ultimately lead to innovative tools for controlling crop diseases and mycotoxin contamination. To broaden the impact, we are actively collaborating with colleagues at Texas A&M as well as other prominent institutions worldwide. We are also very excited about our collaborations with colleagues in Texas A&M Engineering to spearhead multidisciplinary projects that can innovate plant pathology research.

Recent Publications

Youngdeuk Lee, Chulhong Oh, Soo-Jin Heo, Do-Hyung Kang §, and Won-Bo Shim §. 2015. Highly potent saccharification of Arthrospira maxima glycogen by fungal amylolytic enzyme complex from Trichoderma species J113. Biofuels Research (In press: DOI 10.1007/s12155-015-9641-y)

Mansuck Kim, Huan Zhang, Charles Woloshuk, Won-Bo Shim and Byung-Jun Yoon. 2015. Computational Approach for Identifying Pathogenic Modules of Fusarium verticillioidesIEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (In Press: DOI 10.1109/TCBB.2015.2440232)

Mansuck Kim, Huan Zhang, Charles Woloshuk, Won-Bo Shim and Byung-Jun Yoon. 2015. Computational identification of genetic subnetwork modules associated with maize defense response to Fusarium verticillioidesBMC Bioinformatics 16 (Suppl 13): S12.

Chengkang Zhang, Jianqiang Wang, Hong Tao, Xie Dang, Yang Wang, Miaoping Chen, Zhenzhen Zhai, Wenying Yu, Liping Xu, Won-Bo Shim, Guodong Lu and Zonghua Wang. 2015. FvBck1, a Component of Cell Wall Integrity MAP Kinase Pathway, is Required for Virulence and Oxidative Stress Response in Sugarcane Pokkah Boeng Pathogen. Frontiers in Microbiology 6:1096.

Carlos Ortiz, Casey Richards, Ashlee Terry, Joseyln Parra, and Won-Bo Shim§. 2015. Genetic variability and geographical distribution of mycotoxigenic Fusarium verticillioides strains isolated from maize fields in Texas. The Plant Pathology Journal 31: 203-211.

Seon-Mi Jeon, Ji Hyung Kim, Taeho Kim, Areumi Park, Se-Jong Ju, Soo-Jin Heo, Chulhong Oh, Md. Abu Affan, Won-Bo Shim, and Do-Hyung Kang. 2014. Isolation and characterization of Isolation and characterization of monounsaturated fatty acids-rich novel Chlamydomonas sp. KIOST-1 (Chlorophyceae, Chlorophyta) and its potential use in biodiesel production. Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology 25: 729-737.

Chengqi Zhang, Yun Chen, Yanni Yin, Huanhong Ji, Won-Bo Shim, Yiping Hou, Mingguo Zhou, Xiang-dong Li, and Zhonghua Ma. 2015A small molecule species-specifically inhibits Fusarium myosin I. Environmental Microbiology 17: 2735-2746.

Qin Gu, Chengqi Zhang, Fangwei Yu, Yanni Yin, Won-Bo Shim, and Zhonghua Ma. 2015. Protein kinase Fg Sch9 serves as a mediator of the TOR and HOG pathways and regulate multiple stree responses and secondary metabolism in Fusarium graminearumEnvironmental Microbiology18:2661-2676.

Youngdeuk Lee, Ji-Hyun Lee, Won-Bo Shim, Don Anushka Sandaruwan Elvitigala, Mahanama De Zoysa, Su-Jin Lee, Soo-Jin Heo, Jehee Lee, Do-Hyung Kang, and Chulhong Oh. 2104. Molecular cloning, over-expression and enzymatic characterization of an endo-acting β-1,3-glucanase from marine bacterium Mesoflavibacter zeaxanthinifaciens S86 in Escherichia coliOcean Science Journal 49: 425-432.

Jennifer Jooyoun Kim, Young-Kyung Kwon, Ji Hyung Kim, Soo-Jin Heo, Youngdeuk Lee, Su-Jin Lee, Won-Bo Shim, Won-Kyo Jung, Jung-Ho Hyun, Kae Kyoung Kwon, Do-Hyung Kang, Chulhong Oh.  2014. Effective microwell plate-based screening method for microbes producing cellulase and xylanase and its application. Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology 24: 1559 – 1565.

Yingzi Yun, Zunyong Liu, Jingze Zhang, Won-Bo Shim, Yun Chen, and Zhonghua Ma, 2014. The MAPKK FgMkk1 of Fusarium graminearum governs vegetative differentiation, multiple stress response, and virulence via the cell wall integrity and HOG signaling pathways. Environmental Microbiology 16: 2023-2037.

Fangwei Yu, Qin Gu, Yinzi Yun, Jin-Rong Xu, Won-Bo Shim, Zhonghua Ma. 2014. Genetic analysis of TOR signaling pathway in Fusarium graminearumNew Phytologist 203: 219 – 232.

Martha Malapi-Wight , Jung-Eun Kim , and Won-Bo Shim §. 2014. The N-terminus region of the putative C2H2 transcription factor Ada1 harbors a species-specific activation motif that regulates asexual reproduction in Fusarium verticillioides. Fungal Genetics and Biology 62: 25-33.

Chiwan Koo *, Martha Malapi-Wight * , Hyun Soo Kim, Osman Safa Cifci, Vanessa L. Vaughn-Diaz, Bo Ma, Sungman Kim, Haron Abdel-Raziq, Kevin Ong, Young-Ki Jo, Dennis C. Gross, Won-Bo Shim §,and Arum Han §. 2013. Development of a real-time microchip PCR system for portable plant disease diagnosis. PLoS ONE 8(12): e82704 (* equal contribution)

Chengkang Zhang, Yang Wang, Jianqiang Wang, Zhenzhen Zhai, Lianhu Zhang, Wenhui Zheng, Wu Zheng, Wenying Yu, Jie Zhou, Guodong Lu, Won-Bo Shim §, and Zonghua Wang §. 2013. Functional characterization of Rho family small GTPases in Fusarium graminearum. Fungal Genetics and Biology 61: 90-99.

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Martha Malapi-Wight , Jonathon Smith, Jacquelyn Campbell , Burton H. Bluhm, and Won-Bo Shim §. 2013. Sda1, a Cys2-His2 Zinc Finger Transcription Factor, is involved in polyol metabolism and fumonisin B1 production in Fusarium verticillioides. PLoS ONE 8(7): e67656.

Joon-Hee Shin , Jung-Eun Kim , Martha Malapi-Wight , Yoon-E Choi , Brian D. Shaw and Won-Bo Shim §. 2013. Protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunits perform distinct functional roles in the maize pathogen Fusarium verticillioides. Molecular Plant Pathology 14(5): 518-529.

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Yoon-E Choi , Robert, A. Butchko, and Won-Bo Shim. 2012. Proteomic comparison of Gibberella moniliformis in limited-nitrogen (fumonisin-inducing) and excess-nitrogen (fumonisin-repressing) conditions. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 22: 780–787.

Shawn Christensen, Eli Borrego, Won-Bo Shim, Tom Isakeit, and Mike Kolomiets. 2012. Quantification of fungal colonization, sporogenesis, and production of mycotoxins using kernel bioassays. Journal of Visualized Experiments 62: e3727.