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Dr. Kimberly Cochran

Cochran, Dr. Kimberly
Dr. Kimberly Cochran
Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist
830-278-9151, ext. 230

I work with a wide variety of crops in the Texas Winter Garden and the expanse of district 10 that spans from Bastrop in the east to Bracketville, TX in the west.  I have ongoing projects on spinach, grape, pecan, olive, and sesame.  Producers of many specialty crops need more research and disease information support, and I strive to provide that to them while being mindful of sustainable practices and water conservation.  I have interests in working with a variety of foliar and soilborne diseases, which are influenced by the needs of producers in my area and the state of Texas.  These currently include, Pierce’s Disease on grape, Anthracnose and Stemphylium Leaf Spots on spinach, Cotton Root Rot (aka Texas Root Rot) on a variety of hosts, and root rots of sesame. I enjoy working directly with producers to serve their needs and to serve the people of Texas.