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Dr. Mark Black

Black, Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark Black
Professor & Extension Specialist Emeritus Texas A&M Research and Extension Center at Uvalde
830-278-9151 ext. 141 830-278-9151 ext. 141
Graduate Education
Ph.D. Plant Pathology (1983) North Carolina State University Ph.D. Plant Pathology (1983) North Carolina State University

Research Emphasis
Peanut and other field crops, vegetable crops, and fruit crops periodically have disease problems that cause major losses in yield and quality in southwest Texas. My educational and research programs include on-farm experiments, laboratory and greenhouse work, diagnostic services, field days, producer meetings, and media interviews. Disease control strategies are developed that include cultural practices, resistant varieties, and judicious pesticide use.

In cooperation with TAMU plant breeders and Frio County Extension agents, peanut breeding lines are screened in annual plant disease nurseries for reactions to Tomato spotted wilt virus and other pathogens. Three new varieties have been released since 1996 for use in Texas and Oklahoma. Peanut mechanisms for TSWV resistance, tolerance, and avoidance are studied.

Work began in 2003 on identifying supplemental plant hosts of the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa near Hill Country grape vineyards. This effort is part of the Texas Pierce’s Disease Project. Results to date have improved our understanding of Pierce’s Disease epidemiology in Texas and will contribute to improved control recommendations.

Diagnostic services are provided to county agents, consultants, producers and, to some extent, urban clientele. Master Gardener volunteer training is provided from Odessa to Austin to San Antonio.

Recent Publications
S. Baliji, M. C. Black, R. French, D. C. Stenger, and G. Sunter. 2004. Spinach curly top virus: a newly described Curtovirus species from Southwest Texas with incongruent gene phylogenies. Phytopathology 94:000-000 (In press).

C. E. Simpson, M. R. Baring, A. M. Schubert, H. A. Melouk, M. C. Black, Y. Lopez, and K. A. Keim. 2003. Registration of ‘Tamrun OL01’ peanut. Crop Sci. 43:2298.

I.-M. Lee, M. Martini, K. D. Bottner, R. A. Dane, M. C. Black, and N. Troxclair. 2003. Ecological implications from a molecular analysis of phytoplasmas involved in an aster yellows epidemic in various crops in Texas. Phytopathology 93:(accepted 23May03).

H. Tewolde, M. C. Black, C. J. Fernandez, and A. M. Schubert. 2002. Pod yield response of two runner peanut cultivars to seeding rate and irrigation. Peanut Science 29:1-8.

H. Tewolde, M. C. Black, C. J. Fernandez, and A. M. Schubert. 2002. Plant growth response of two runner peanut cultivars to reduced seeding rate. Peanut Science 29:8-12.