Heather Podlipny


Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

Current Position: 

Project Manager,
Voluntary Cleanup Program-Corrective Action (VCP-CA) Section

Job duties: 

Heather is a Project Manager at the TCEQ in the Remediation Division. She assists VCP, CA and Innocent Owner/Operator Program sites through the remediation process. She works with environmental consultants to address soil, groundwater and air contamination through site assessment, delineation and remediation to levels that are protective of human health and the environment.

Heather reviews and provides feedback on incoming documents, such as Affected Property Assessment Reports, Phase I and II Environmental Assessments, groundwater monitoring reports and Drinking Water Survey Reports. Heather previously worked as an Air Enforcement Coordinator at the TCEQ and has eight years of regulatory experience.

What are you passionate about?

Evidence-based scientific approaches to environmental protection

Describe your educational history: 

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry minor – Stephen F. Austin State University
Master of Science in Biology – Stephen F. Austin State University

What advise would you give to the current Aggies interested in entering environmental industry? 

Gain as much experience in your field as you can while you are in school. Part-time work off campus, on-campus jobs, and internships are all invaluable.

If you were entering the environmental industry today, what area would you pursue? Why?

If I was trying for a position similar to the one I have now, I would focus on a major that is more specific to environmental impacts of contamination than Biology. Geology and Environmental Science have proven to be valuable areas of study for many of my colleagues.

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