Cedric Robinson



Frito Lay, Inc, a division of PepsiCo

Current Position: 

Director of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Technical Programs

Job duties: 

Provide EHS solutions for conformity to EHS regulations, internal governance requirements and sustainability initiatives


– Maintained regulatory compliance and internal governance programs across U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
– Supported sustainable initiatives across the Frito Lay enterprise for reduction of water, waste and energy resources
– Performed due diligence acquisitions for Eagle Snacks, Cracker Jacks and Sabra

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about the environmental industry, furthering the environmental agenda and sustainable causes.

Describe your educational history: 

MBA, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Finance Concentration,
May 2002
M.S., Civil Engineering, Water Resources and Environmental
Engineering, Texas A&M University, May 1990
B.S., Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University, December 1985

What advise would you give to the current Aggies interested in entering environmental industry? 

Explore all possibilities! The field is vast and continual learning is required to stay relevant.

If you were entering the environmental industry today, what area would you pursue? Why?

I would pursue the environmental sustainability area because it has avenues to all sectors (public and private) and connects the environmental agenda to the business strategy.

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