Andie Marsh


Rhizos LLC

Current Position: 

I evaluate soils, substrates, and amendments with a microscope and provide detailed write-ups to provide insight that empowers growers and land managers in their efforts towards growing more regeneratively and/or restoring sites biologically.

Job duties: 

I work with soil systems across many different industries: field crops, greenhouse and indoor cultivation, turf grass, orchards, ranches, parks, and conservation sites.


By evaluating soil biology, I help land managers build healthier soil systems which provide many ecological services:
water infiltration, cleaner water sources
drought tolerance, flood & fire mitigation
nutrient cycling to vegetation
nutrient density in food crops
pest & pathogen resistance

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about empowering hard-working growers and land managers. My hope for my clients is for them to leverage soil ecology to make for more abundant, resilient landscapes and be less dependent on costly inputs. I’m endlessly inspired by the impacts soil health can have on human health and our environment.

Describe your educational history: 

I received my B.S. in Bioenvironmental Science from Texas A&M University in 2013. I’ve done much continued learning, most notably with soil microbiologist, Dr. Elaine Ingham’s renowned program Soil Food Web School.

What advice would you give to the current Aggies interested in entering environmental industry? 

Honor your interests and curiosity – even if you can’t find a job in the specific thing that fascinates you most, don’t abandon it, find ways to explore it through books, workshops, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Secondly, keep perspective that every role is a building block for your career. If you find yourself in a job you don’t love, take a beat and reframe – what can you learn from this role that might serve you in your greater career? Keep showing up and find ways to fulfill yourself outside of work.

If you were entering the environmental industry today, what area would you pursue? Why?

Soil health, regenerative agriculture, water systems, or renewable energy. I believe these to be the biggest challenges of our generation which makes for meaningful work. These are industries that will grow with one’s career over time.

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