Ana Garza Partin



INEOS Phenol

Current Position: 

Environmental Manager

Job duties: 

My job duties are to ensure the chemical plant maintains compliance with environmental regulations, prepare environmental permit applications, serve as the company representative for environmental organizations, provide environmental training classes to plant personnel to maintain awareness and compliance, and serve as the resource for environmental knowledge for my employer.


I am confident in my abilities and knowledge and am compelled to do a great job for my employer. I feel satisfaction in reading environmental regulations, interpreting them, and implementing requirements/projects to ensure compliance. It is a challenging career to be an environmental professional, and the self-satisfactory rewards are equally matched.

What are you passionate about?

Every job is important, and it is important to do every job well. I enjoy helping others and making things better. I love my family and caring for them. And spending time at the gym is a favorite pastime of mine.

Describe your educational history: 

I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University – Kingsville. I have an M.S. in Mathematics from University of Houston – Clear Lake.

What advise would you give to the current Aggies interested in entering environmental industry? 

My advice for Aggies interested in entering the environmental industry is that you have to feel good about your accomplishments. Feel confident when you go to management and ask them for money to install a project for environmental compliance reasons. Obviously, a huge objective for a company is to make money; and when you propose a project for compliance, you may not necessarily make money for the company. However, one huge satisfaction you can take from such a scenario is to know that you are maintaining compliance for the company, and that helps the company not lose money.

If you were entering the environmental industry today, what area would you pursue? Why?

If I were entering the environmental industry today, the area I would pursue is the petrochemical industry. Jobs are abundant and every refinery and chemical plant needs an environmental professional. You can find a job at a small plant, large plant, big city, small city. This industry provides many and diverse opportunities.


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