Undergraduate Research & Internships

PDF – BESC 484 Handout


(“The Internship Course”)


  • It exposes students to a professional experience or research laboratory related to Bioenvironmental Sciences. Students can work with a company, government agency (local, state, national, international), or on a science-based project with a faculty member in a research lab. All experiences are subject to departmental approval.
  • BESC 484 is a REQUIRED course for the BESC/ENST/USAL-ENB degree plans. It must be completed in order to graduate.
  • BESC 484 aligns with a supervised INTERNSHIP or RESEARCH The 484 course is writing-intensive, 3 credit hours, and taken over a full academic term (fall, spring, or 10-week summer).


  • Students applying for the 484 course must have a junior or senior classification, or instructor approval.


STEP 1 | Students identify an internship or research opportunity


STEP 2  | Students apply for BESC 484 approval                                                                      

  • For the semester associated with the internship or research experience
  • Visit the department website to fill out the BESC 484 Approval Form
  • Applications are due two (2) weeks before the start of the semester
  • Review is done by BESC 484 approval committee


STEP 3 | Students watch their official TAMU email for course instructions                          

  • One to two weeks before the academic term begins, the academic advisor will register students with approved experiences into appropriate sections for BESC 484 and assign faculty
    • Once approved and registered, students must pay required tuition/fees for the course.
    • Students are instructed to contact their assigned faculty members for course syllabus, outline course expectations, and due dates.


STEP 4 |  Students engage in the BESC 484 course                                                                  

  • Communicate 484 expectations to supervisor, and complete work as assigned by instructor
  • All 484 assignments will be submitted electronically— there is no physical class. Use of e-mail or eCampus is currently at the discretion of assigned faculty members.



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