University Studies Degree – Environmental Business (USAL)

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A University Studies Degree is different from a traditional “major” because it consists of a concentration of 21-24 hours and two minors of 15-18 hours each. The student’s diploma will list “University Studies” where the major is currently listed. The area of concentration and the two minors will be listed on their transcript.green_globe

The degree offered with the plant pathology department is Environmental Business as the area of concentration and minors in (A) Rangeland Ecology & Management and (B) Business.

The Environmental Business concentration draws from the Bioenvironmental Sciences degree, but it lacks the larger number of foundational life science courses. The result is a well-rounded and marketable degree with an overview of environmental issues and business administration principals.

The Texas A&M Advantage:
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a “customizable” degree that combines your areas of special interest
  • Boast a unique combination unlike any other degree at Texas A&M University – a blend of environmental science and business coursework

Academic Advisors

LeAnn Hague –

Taylor Atkinson –

Phone: 979-845-6148

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