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The Environmental Undergraduate Programs office advises for a variety of dynamic environmental majors at Texas A&M University.  Given the inherent interdisciplinary nature and strengths of the Department of Plant Pathology & Microbiology, this department houses three distinct environmental undergraduate programs available to undergraduate students:  Bioenvironmental SciencesEnvironmental Studies, and University Studies – Environmental Business Concentration.  While all three of these innovative and popular degree options are “environmental” in nature, they differ widely in course content, scope, and academic rigor.

Students pursuing a science-intensive curriculum and careers in the sciences, environmental remediation, or science-based professional school programs are directed to the flagship Bioenvironmental Sciences (BESC) degree (with an undergraduate honors option).  Students who may be interested in a broad range of environmental policy and natural resource policy coursework, but are not as interested in the life-science basis behind many environmental hazards and threats, are directed towards the Environmental Studies degree.  Students looking for a customized yet competitive “non-traditional” degree that is less science-intensive than Bioenvironmental Sciences and less policy-intensive than Environmental Studies now have the new University Studies – Environmental Business concentration option available.

The Bioenvironmental Sciences (BESC) Degree

The Bioenvironmental Sciences (BESC) curriculum at Texas A&M University is a progressive and exciting degree for all students with an interest in solving complex environmental problems. This degree program is challenging, multi-disciplinary, relevant and flexible. The requirements to obtain a satisfying career go well beyond the classroom. The emphasis areas in the BESC program were designed from input within the environmental industry. Our students are well prepared for careers in the environmental arena.

Students in BESC have the unique opportunity to build their networking skills prior to graduation by participating in our student chapter of the National Association of Environmental Professionals. Each semester the club hosts several speakers from industry and governmental agencies involved in environmental management careers. For more information contact Sam Murdock or Won-Bo Shim.

In addition, BESC offers an Undergraduate Honors Program. Students with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPR are eligible to enroll in Honors courses, which provide an enriched learning experience with faculty. This is the first Undergraduate Honors Program available within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

We also offer a Minor in Bioenvironmental Sciences for student outside of the major who would like to add the distinction of BESC coursework to their degree plans and transcript.

Undergraduate Advisors

LeAnn Hague – leann.hague@tamu.edu

Taylor Atkinson – taylor_atkinson@tamu.edu

Phone: 979-845-6148

APPOINTMENTS | Make an appointment online at: https://tamu.campus.eab.com/student/appointments/new

– AG – HORT, AG – PLPM, and AG – SCSC

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