Undergraduate Program

A degree in Bioenvironmental Science (BESC) equips you to play a direct role in developing and implementing solutions to environmental problems. Our graduates often enter careers associated with prevention and/or remediation of environmental hazards, such as microbial threats, toxic wastes, and other damage to fragile ecosystems. Use of hands-on experiences in our classrooms, laboratories, and internship opportunities ensures that you gain experience with the concepts and the technology essential for prevention, assessment, and abatement of environmental problems. Students in BESC have the unique opportunity to build their networking skills prior to graduation by participating in our student chapter of the National Association of Environmental Professionals. Each semester the club hosts several speakers from industry and governmental agencies involved in environmental management careers.

Undergraduate Advisor
LeAnn Hague


Graduate Program

Plant Pathology is the science of plant diseases, their nature, causal agents and interrelated phenomena. The major objectives concern the scientific training of professional phytopathologists. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental and practical concepts associated with pathology and the conceptual schemes of fungal, bacterial, viral, nematological, mycoplasmal and physiogenic diseases. In addition, superior facilities are available for research in most phases including physiology of parasitism, host-parasite relationships, genetics of host resistance, genetics of pathogen variation and variability, genetics of host-pathogen-hyperparasite populations, ecology of soil-borne pathogens, etiology and epidemiology of plant disease, nematology, virology, phytotherapeutics and clinical phytopathology.

Graduate Recruiting Chair
Dr. Brian Shaw
213F PLPM Building
2132 TAMU
(979) 862-7518

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